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On Thursday, October 18, 2007, the Government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) held a groundbreaking ceremony for two multi-million dollar projects that are planned to markedly improve the safety-related operational capabilities of the Amata Kabua International Airport in the capital island of Majuro. The projects are being managed by the RMI Ports Authority and funded largely by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) from the Airport Improvement Program, which the RMI is eligible to receive as a Freely Associated State. The RMI contributes 5% in local matching funds to the program. The prime contractor for both of the projects is Pacific International, Inc. (PII), the leading Marshallese general contractor based in Majuro. The two projects were actually tendered out separately and in both cases PII was the successful bidder.

Ground Breaking Ceremony

Doing the ground-breaking honors from left to right in the above photo are: Mr. Charles Muller, senior landowner; Mr. James Bing, Chairman, Board of Directors, RMI Ports Authority; Mr. Jerry Kramer,  Chief Executive Officer, Pacific International, Inc.; Mr. Adam Mitchell, U.S. Embassy representative, RMI President Kessai H. Note,  Mr. Jeltan Lanki, senior landowner,  Minister Michael Konelios,  RMI Ministry of Transportation & Communication, and Mr. Titus Langrine, Executive Councilman, Majuro local government.

The first project is the Apron/Taxiway Rehabilitation Project, which has a contract value of $8.6 million. Following the $16.3 million Runway Resurfacing Project that was carried out last year by Andersen Asphalt of Hong Kong, this project will repave taxiways, install drains, and expand the apron parking to enable the ground handling of multiple aircrafts, including fueling operations. The redesigned apron will also better handle larger aircraft such as the 767 Boeing, which Japan Airlines uses for its charter flights to Majuro for scuba divers from Japan. The firm of Beca International Consultants of New Zealand is doing the engineering and construction management for this project, which is already 20% underway and is expected to be completed by August 2008.
The second project is the Airport Rescue and Fire-Fighting/Multi-Purpose Building Project, which has a contract value of $14.0 million. A major component of the project is approximately 42,000 cubic yards of fill materials and 15,000 cubic yards of rock armor required for the reclamation of the building site.  When the existing reclaimed outcrop for the airport hangar is incorporated, this will result in a total reclaimed landmass of 14,000 square meters. The Majuro airport already sits on originally reclaimed land so there is limited available land area for additional capital improvements thus necessitating further land reclamation. The project also entails realigning the existing foreshore road to wrap around the newly created land and airport facilities and laying down utility transmission lines. The firm of E.M. Chen and Associates of Guam is doing the engineering and construction management for this project, which will commence shortly and is expected to be completed by September 2009.   

Apron ProjectMajuro's New Fire Truck

The RMI Ports Authority also took the occasion to christen two brand-new fire trucks that were procured by the FAA as part of the safety improvement program for the Majuro international airport. The trucks are worth over half a million dollars each. Pictured from left to right in the left-hand photo are Ms. Deborah Kramer, PII community relations manager; Mr. Jack Chong-Gum, Executive Director, RMI Ports Authority; Mr. James Bing; and Mr. Daniel Kramer, PII equipment manager.
After the ceremony, Mr. Jerry Kramer commented: “On behalf of the PII family, I would like to express our thanks for the trust and confidence that both the RMI and U.S. governments have placed in our local company to construct these vitally important projects. Projects of this magnitude will pave the way to our opportunities in Guam.”    

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