P.O. Box 6 Majuro, Marshall Islands 96960 Tel (692) 625-3122/5316/3560 Fax (692) 625-3348/3476


Pacific International Inc.

Since on the beginning, Pacific International Inc. (PII) has maintained a reputation for providing exceptional quality construction services to its clients.

Pacific International Inc. provides multi-disciplined construction services with our staff of engineers, skilled labor and management personnel. PII routinely contracts for a wide variety of projects including design – build, marine, docks, asphalt and concrete paving, reclamation, civil and building projects. PII provides in house services for electrical, mechanical, HVAC, carpentry, masonry and the full range of construction requirements. PII is the sole provider in Majuro for quarry products including crushed graded aggregates, redi mix concrete and asphalt paving. PII produces and bottles oxygen and acetylene, owns and operates a complete fitting and welding shop, and heavy equipment mechanical shop for its fleet of construction and marine equipment.

Our construction capabilities and accomplishments are unique in the Marshall Islands and have boosted the countries economy through out the years. We maintain a continuous training and upgrade program for our employees, many of who have had long careers with PII.

PII’s success and corporate organizational structure has allowed us to diversify our operations into real estate management and development, travel and leisure industry, insurance, rental car business, and mall operations. PII owned and related companies are operating in Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and Hays, Kansas.

The lack of other infrastructure available in the Marshall Islands where our work sites are separated by miles of ocean, has dictated our establishing in house capabilities in a wide variety of support business. Our Marshall Islands Towing and Salvage Co., branch operates our 600 ton landing craft, tug and barge service and coastal freighter, giving us unique outer island support capabilities.

Construction Capabilities

PII provides civil, electrical, mechanical, marine, and building services. It operates a concrete and rock plant, asphalt plant, paving equipment, and it offers ship repair, floating dry-dock, machine shop, steel fabrication, and numerous other construction supplies and services. PII also operates a ship agency and chandlery services, and has a 600-ton landing craft among its fleet of oceangoing vessels to move heavy equipment in and out of the most remote Pacific locations.

Business Units

  • Construction Services
  • Material Sales
  • Quarry Products
  • Real Estate Management and Development
  • Marine Operations (Shipping, Salvage, Dry-Dock)
  • Metal Fabrications
  • Bottled industrial Gasses
  • Equipment Repair and Rentals

Business Affiliates

  • Marshall Insurance Agency
  • Pacific Unique Travel Agency
  • Pacific Wheels (Vehicle Rental)
  • Pacific International, (Guam) Inc.
    –     Real Estate Management and Development
    –     Construction
  • Kramer Corporation (Real Estate Management and Development)
  • Waffle-Crete International, Inc.
    –     Pre Cast Concrete
    –     Steel Buildings
    –     Redi-Mix Concrete
  • Majuro Marine, Inc. (Shipping Agent)
  • Ajejdrikdrik Incorporated (Finance Company)
  • Kabua & Kramer Corporation
    –      Mall Operations
    –      Retail and Wholesale Grocery Operations
    –      Retail Furniture Operations
    –      Auto Sales and Service
    –      Vehicle Rental
    –      Theater Operations

Joint Venture and Management Contracts

  • Tobolar Copra Processing Authority (This operation, which was built and managed by PII, has been sold and is no longer being managed/owned by PII.)
  • Rongelap Atoll Operations & Maintenance
  • Rongelap Tourism Company
  • Nauru / PII Joint Venture

Real Estate  Owned – PII or PII Affiliated Company

  • 100 plus units in Majuro
  • 1,200,000 square meters of undeveloped land: Lao Lao, Saipan
  • Nimitz Towers in Guam (132 Units): Piti, Guam
  • Guam Apartments